Personalized Real Food Education

Pantry Purges

Cost: $100

This package includes:Pantry Jars

  • 60 minute visit to your home in the Boise metro area (additional fee for out of area)
  • Detailed analysis and discussion of the foods and cooking products that you use
  • Assistance in purging the unhealthy products from your pantry
  • Assistance in how to replace the foods that are removed with more healthful options
  • Resources for you (handouts, book recommendations) for further learning about topics we’ve discussed
  • Assistance in choosing the least toxic cookware

Grocery Store Tours

Cost: $75

This package includes:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • 45 minute visit/tour through your local grocery or health food store (you choose: either your regular store or get to know a new store)
    • up to 6 individuals per tour ($15 additional per extra person up to 6 maximum)
  • Orientation to locations of fresh and healthful food choices with your specific budget in mind
  • Introduction to new food items that you may have never tried
  • Assistance in how to use new foods in meals


Additional costs incurred if travel is required more than 10 miles from Downtown Boise.