Welcome to What Feeds Me Nutritional Wellness.   I’m so glad you are here! I invite you to sit down, take an expansive breath, and look around my site a bit. If you find something that excites you or invites you, then please contact me and I’ll look forward to connecting with you.

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I believe that vibrant health is our birthright. I know that our health is significantly impacted by the foods we take into our bodies; nourishing foods create optimal health.  Because food choice is influenced by family history, emotions, accessibility, and peer groups, the act of choosing the right foods for our unique bodies is often a difficult one.  As a nutritional therapist, I partner with clients who desire to improve their health and recognize the link to food.  In addition to clinical expertise, I provide education, guidance, motivation, and compassion in the sometimes difficult but always empowering transition toward clarity and health.

Who can benefit from my work?

YOU can benefit from partnering with me if you:

  • Work hard and take care of yourself as best you can, but find that you have less energy than you used to have.
  • Are tired of feeling sluggish and stressed out much of the time.
  • Have caught yet another cold and wonder why you get sick so often.
  • Wish you could sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Are frustrated with how many medications you are taking.
  • Wonder why you never seem to be able to reach your ideal body weight.
  • Wish you weren’t feeling so many aches and pains all the time, and wonder why you don’t feel as strong as you used to.
  • Are tired of so much belly discomfort, especially when you eat your favorite foods.
  • Are anxious about your family history of diabetes or heart disease.
  • Are confused about all the diet fads and conflicting information about what foods are healthy.
  • Struggle with one or more autoimmune diseases and wonder if you can live more comfortably in your body without so many medications.
  • Are having trouble conceiving a baby, want to nourish your pregnant or postpartum body, or to know how to best transition your new baby to solid foods.
  • Care about your health and that of your family, and want to learn new ways to nourish all of you.

If any of the above scenarios describe you, you are in good company. Unfortunately, so many people in our society suffer from such symptoms that we have come to believe that they are ‘normal’ or ‘just a part of aging’. This is not the case! In almost all people, these issues are preventable and reversible using real food as medicine.

Why, then, are so many people so sick and tired, if simple food is the answer to good health? Making changes in the way we eat often means changing our entire lifestyle – where we shop, how we plan ahead, how we cook, and how we share food at social gatherings. It takes intention, focus, and consistency, and lots patience during transition. In short, it can be really challenging.

If you are ready to make a real life change, then you are in the right place! I will partner with you to discover the root causes of your symptoms and teach you how to nourish yourself with all of the raw materials your body needs to function optimally. We will work together at a pace you’re comfortable with, to determine what feeds you and get you on the path toward your goals of renewed health and vitality.